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Starting back in 2008, we began offering pest control services in conjunction with landscape services. Through much research, study, and practice, First Line developed pest management protocols that rival even the largest pest control companies.   Experience with the insects commonly encountered in the Treasure Valley and the environments (inside and out) in which they thrive has given First Line technicians greater insight into the pest management process. Our technicians truly are more knowledgeable and more capable than most technicians in the industry.

First Line uses the most current methods and chemicals to effectively solve your pest problems. The environments in which you work and live are important to us, and so are the outdoor environments where desirable plants and animals live. There is a balance that must be maintained, which is why First Line generally does not treat entire yards or large outdoor areas unnecessarily. Our goal is to please and satisfy each and every customer, but we ask that you understand and allow us to perform services with minimal chemical use whenever possible. Under no circumstances will we apply pesticides in a manner that is unsafe for pollinators, food production/handling areas, produce gardens, or for children, pets, or the medically infirm. It's just how we do things; it's the right way to do things.

The owner of First Line even keeps honeybees. In order to better understand how to safely and effectively control unwanted pests, while at the same time helping good things grow, it's necessary to experiment sometimes. With bees, fruit trees, grapes, raspberries and blackberries, a large garden full of vegetables, and a healthy flock of chickens (and a pig every now and again), First Line's owner has learned how to use chemicals in ways that do not negatively impact the health of his family and all the plants and animals around his property. If you'd like the same for your family, call First Line today.

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